Welcome to the best FREE resource for amateur radio repeater information around the world. We have the most up-to-date amateur radio repeater listings ( updated by you, our admins, and repeater coordinators). This site is different than others because we use local admins that collect repeater data. No repeater directory.

The ranking is based on (1) Level of competition (2) How you perform against the level you reached (3) Amateur credentials (4) Age. CHAMP. Usyk is a technical southpawboxer who relies a lot on speed and reflexes with victories in WC 2011 and the Olympics 2012 on his amateur record.. [email protected]

Dec 27, 2014. Love FM announce our tournament results. RF&G Belize Amateur Open 2014. Sign up early for the RF&G Belize Amateur Open to avoid disappointment. Maximum 36 Player field. The biggest Golf Tournament of the year in Belize. Results from Saturdays Tournament : Without Handicap : 1st – Tim Heath -69.

What are the 9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Artist? Discover what it takes to become the professional artist you always wanted to become..

Nov 10, 2017. About Blog – is a curated royalty free music website that provides exclusive, high-quality tracks and sound effects for use in new and traditional media projects, including videos, films, apps, games, and television programming. Frequency – about 11 posts per week.

One of the main differences with Tumblr and Blogger is that you don't get your own domain name, so your blog will be something like, which looks amateur from the get go. You will of course have to pay a premium if you want to have a custom domain name. On top of this, the functionality is no.

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Jun 16, 2017. Early 2017 Amateur Boxing Schedule. By Will King on January 4, 2017 at 10:24 PM. January 7-8, 2017 NE Regional Silver Gloves Championships Herkimer High School 801 W German St. Herkimer, NY 13350 (map) Saturday, January 21, 2017 Albany City Dept. of Parks and Recreation Boxing.

Jul 6, 2017. The amateur and amateur-satellite services are for qualified persons of any age who are interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest. These services present an opportunity for self-training, intercommunication, and technical investigations. Twenty-seven small.

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All blogs are welcome, from bare bones amateur to polished professional. But if you. Bloggers are encouraged to share their blogs, update with new posts and promote themselves however they wish. Post as. Gold Medalist Athlete turned Food Blogger – Interview with Kayla Demint (Mince Republic) (

Nathaniel Crosby won the 1981 U.S. Amateur Championship, was the low.

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Oct 9, 2014. New amateur bloggers make many mistakes on their blogs. They are unaware of some and some of them may be due to negligence. Whatever it is mistakes are always mistakes. No matter what! The only thing that matters is how they realize their mistakes and prevent them from happening in future.

Nathaniel Crosby won the 1981 U.S. Amateur Championship, was the low.

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Nov 20, 2017. An 18-year-old Australian woman died while cutting weight for an amateur Muay Thai fight, according to multiple reports. According to 9NEWS, just one day before the fight was scheduled to take place, Jessica Lindsay collapsed from severe dehydration while she was running. Sporting News reported that.

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Apr 4, 2017. Click here. Microphones and headsets used around the world by amateur radio enthusiasts. Bob is a legend in amateur radio, an author, and "in demand" speaker at ham events around the world. His weekly. From time to time the marketing team at Heil Sound asks me to blog for social media. Or tweet.

Aug 18, 2014. CSXT(Civilian Space eXploration Team) launched their new "GoFast" rocket on July 14th to an confirmed altitude of 73.1 miles or 385800 feet. This is the second successful space launch for the team. The CXST first entered the record books in 2004 becoming the first amateur rocket to reach space.The top.