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Setup, in a few simple steps: Select your main Aion folder path; Click on “Enable Chatlog” Enter your character names in the box below the Aion path

Aug 28, 2013. Once the European servers come back up, Aion 4.0 will have reached all of the game's markets. Huzzah!

To meet the unprecedented demand by gamers, NCsoft rapidly expanded to 25 servers over the first few hours of opening. More information can be found at NCsoft, the interlocking NC logo, PlayNC, and all.

aiDPSMeter is a network-based information tool for Aion. aiDPSMeter shows damage, heal and animation speed, PvP instances progress with participants list, information.

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Power Up Week is Coming. Greeting Daevas! Next week after the February 7 maintenance, some grandiose buffs will be applied to the servers.

End-game PvP aims to be rewarding. NA servers will be in Dallas, TX. EU servers in Frankfurt, Germany. Will it be possible to transfer your account from the Asian servers? This will not be possible as the NA/EU version will be unique.

Our TERA (EU) division was among the first to obtain the first vanarchy rule in the game. With the division CO apointed as the king and ruler of Val Tirkai. Aion (NA) #1 Ranked on the server. During our prime time in Aion (NA) We battled it out with many other strong guilds to become number one on the.

NCSoft and GameForge Server Status. AionStatus gives you alternative means to check the status of the Aion Servers. Favorites. When you are browsing the NA or EU.

Mar 11, 2016. What is Deyla? – posted in Deyla [ENG]: Returned to Aion after not playing for a long time? See a lot of people, or legions, that you dont know? Lost your rank but got new extra sets in your inventory? This is because the servers have been merged! – There are more players on one server so thats why you.

When I try to connect to the Aion Online EU Open Beta with a WebAfrica SAIX-based account, whether it be during office hours or after hours, I keep getting a "cannot connect to authorization server" error (which I assume means that its.

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Mit dieser App kannst du dir den Status aller europäischen Aion Server anzeigen lassen und so überprüfen ob die Server online oder offline sind. With this app you can watch the status of all European Aion servers display and so check whether the server is online or offline. Read more. My review. Review from.

Aion: The Tower of Eternity (Korean: 아이온: 영원의 탑) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released by NCSOFT. The game combines PvP.

Buy powerful Aion accounts now at the BEST prices online. SAFE and. AMAZING LvL 70 Assasin, LvL 70 Gladiator, 771 Million Kinah, Server: Danaria NA, full Apollon set, Apollon and Conqueror Arena Sword! $ 179.00. Buy an Aion account with a high level Cleric or Templar and never fail an instance ever again.

Buying Kinah Aion EU on official open server Aion EU in the Europe! Buy Aion EU Kinah: Antriksha, Barus, Deyla, Hellion, Hyperion, Loki, Thor, Urtemt. Fast delivery Kinah Aion EU, flexible discount system for Aion EU Kinah.

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As a bonus to the nearly 400,000 players who have preordered their copy of Aion, they will be treated to server Pre-Selection (beginning tomorrow 18th September) and a five-day Headstart period (beginning 20th September) allowing.

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Thank you for purchasing an NCSOFT NCoin card! NCoin allows you to make purchases in many of our AAA games, but first you need to redeem your card.

Welcome to the official site of NCSOFT West. Our site provides news, career opportunities, company Information, game links and more.

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With Aion Kinah you also pay for the progress of your character, improve your ingame professions and much more. To cut it short, without enough Aion Kinah you won't get far! Order your Aion Kinah directly from us, on EU servers as well as US servers. We quickly mediate Aion Kinah to you, so you will never run out of it.

Xynkin pages are going for 800 – 2000 at times on the ps4 eu server

How to get Aion gold. Aion(The Tower of Eternity) is a sort of MMORPG game and developed by AION Team of North Korea NCsoft.The mystic Aion combined PVP and PVE. The game currency named Aion kinah. To get gold is one important part of Aion, the new player just need 1 minute to talk with NPC, and go to deal it,

Pristontale EU Widescreen HD Client, Original 8 Classes, Max tier 4 spells, Classic replication of the original Priston Tale as in between 2001-2004 , Join today

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With dedicated European servers. About Innova Innova is an international online entertainment company dedicated to providing comprehensive high quality services for AAA MMO titles including Lineage II, Aion and.

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Feb 1, 2017. Server DNS has changed for both EU and NA and the location seems to be even moved for EU server. New EU DNS: Should be located in Netherlands, Amsterdam nslookup: New NA DNS: Should be still located in Virginia.

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City of Heroes (CoH) was a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCSOFT. The game was launched in North America.

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Home; AION Twitch; External links. Project · AION EU Discord · Issues · Forum · Facebook. Home. Last update: 02-25-2018. Search a character: Note: this application only stores data from characters that have 1-star rank or higher. Servers. AntrikshaBarusDeylaHellionHyperionLokiThorUrtemGrendalFregion Padmarashka.

When I try to connect to the Aion Online EU Open Beta with a WebAfrica SAIX-based account, whether it be during office hours or after hours, I keep getting a "cannot connect to authorization server" error (which I assume means that its.

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Aion free-to-play changeover dated. In North America and Europe alone. 16 · 16,000 banned from Aion in the West. Botters and gold traders turfed out. 19. Aion – Future plans? 43 · Aion expansion teased in video? Trailer shows stunning improvements. 25. October 2009. NCsoft addresses Aion server issues. "The rhino is.

Guías Clave Aion: especialización de todas las clases. En estas videoguías os ofrezco todos los conocimientos claves sobre las diferentes clases,que os sevira para ayudaros en vuestro desarrollo de personaje,como por ejemplo que estigmas son mas recomendadas para PvP/PvE,las habilidades mas importantes y su us.